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Message posted by wolfbane on March 26, 2002 at 15:26:39 PST:

Hi Gary;

N602PR is owned by Charlotte Aircraft Corp., the organization is a "mod and chop shop" type of thing.
The 427th makes use of the airfield (Lauringburg-Maxton Airport - formerly known as the Lauringburg
Maxton Air Base - during WWII). Namely some of the planes seen at Base Camp. Several 737 (CRAF C-16) and
727s are or were stored here (727s are C-22s). Seen
here also is a gray C-23 Air National Guard type, but
with civil registration (couldn't get close enough to
make out the number).

N602PR, no I didn't it at Base Camp, however, the 747s
at this SE airfield (last counted four) are being used
for spare parts for a special ops 747 some where in the "field." Some of the Janet 737s have transited thru-here. Some were stored, while others were simply
chopped up. I have a few photos of some of these aircraft and I am scanning them. When finished, I'll send them to you. The photos were taken outside the fence (with poor camera - I didn't want to chance losing my good camera), while I was not allowed to take photos while on the airfield since some of the aircraft there were from special ops.


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