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Message posted by Magoo on March 26, 2002 at 14:52:16 PST:

Countries that have the technology - France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Israel, China, Australia, Japan and India.

Countries that have the money for a full scale production stealth aircraft - USA...

France has produced a very stealthy UAV prototype, the UK has been a partner in many stealth programmes and has many interesting designs on the drawing board, and the aerospace industries in China and India are developing rapidly, although are still a couple of generations behind those of the west.

The J/F-10 is rumoured to be laregly based on the cancelled Israeli 'Lavi' fighter, itself based on the F-16. Pakistan's F-16s (early Block 15 models) were studied in detail during the J/F-10 development, but the airframe is considered to be quite conventional in design with few if any LO features.

India has a number of very promising designs on the drawing board, but will be focusing on the Su-30MKI for the foreseeable future.


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