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Message posted by John on March 26, 2002 at 10:11:38 PST:

Holographic Projection: At F.A.S.ORG/ in a Document
titled, USAF SPACECAST 2020, The technology is explained. This isnt a "picture" of the Aircraft, just
the correct Radar return. The Navy launched a "Navagation" Sattelite, the Greek name escapes me, but the meaning does not. Three Sisters, that would
give 3 convergent Apetures to transmit from, hence 3 D.
If I were going to test this device, and needed a place known for "UFO" sightings, I would chose Area 51.
Glowing orbs have been seen by more than one believeable observer, Mark Farmer, aka, "Agent X" At more than one location, over "the Jumbled Hills" almost
a Decade ago.With all the active Radars in the area, I
am sure there was some testing and devolupment going on in plain sight, watched by UFO watchers, some at the
fringe of believeability, excellent Disinformation and
on T.V. too! Area 51 is a place of many Secrets.

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