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Message posted by Hybrid on March 26, 2002 at 4:36:37 PST:

I'm a rookie here as well. So far,I'm impressed with what I see.

About Area 51-No matter how famous it gets,no one out of the loop is getting in. The fame has not made the site more accessible,probably less so. The boundaries were pushed even further out a few years ago because of curious onlookers,an illegal land grab by the Air Force,I believe,but one that stands today. IMO,the majority of those aware of Area 51 lump it into the great gray mass of UFO/conspiracy lore,trivialize it,become desensitized. They see a depiction of Area 51 in 'Independence Day' and laugh,or become lost in a swirl of pop-culture references to the place,which is a shame,because underneath all the misdirection,I believe the place is legit. I've been there(Rachel,NV.,not inside the base) and witnessed what I can only describe as UFOs. I've read the stories,seen pictures,and I honestly think there's more than human technology there,maybe more than human biology there,too. Just my opinion.

I also believe Roswell happened much as the legend describes. There are several books I can recommend if you want to look into it further.

Any stories about Rudloe Manor you could share? Have you been there?


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