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Message posted by wolfbane on March 25, 2002 at 17:50:05 PST:

Hi, Gary:

I know it isn't rocket-science. When I first the Cessna 208 (it made two circuits over the airfield, then landed) it was a good distance away from me. At the time of my sighting it, I was driving down the local highway adjacent to the airfield, doing about 45 mph. I glanced at the Cessna 208 (for a moment I thought it read "VIP") then took three long distance photos of it. I didn't bother stopping at the airfield
to make sure of what I saw. I said to myself "that's
one of Gary's Base Camp planes."

Checking later with a friend that happens to be one those "charter" pilots ("Abe"), sure enough, it reads
N403VP, not "VIP" Sorry, Gary, my screw-up. I should
have followed-up, before I made the post. But be that as it may, N403VP was here.

There is another aircraft, a Boeing 747-200, registered
N602PR, that is being worked by a company named Charlotte Aircraft Corp. It is here as well. Do you have any info on this aircraft?


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