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The U2 could be detected even flying as high as it does. The film would often contain images of Russian MIGS. The US believed the U2 could not be shot down due to the height, and if the plane ever crashed, no one would survive due to the very delicate nature of the plane. [An optional possion pill was provided.] Gary Powers proved that the plane could be shot down and the pilot could survive.

A good source for U2 facts is the CIA declassified report in the link I provided.

Note also that Open Skies has been signed by the Russians and other, so low level spying is now much easier. The DOD brought our Open Skies plane to Travis a few years ago as a static display (but no entry heh heh). Since you can only provide one link in a message, here is the list of Open Skies members:

One other question regarding such recon is how fast is the spy plane flying when taking photographs? You might get a little blur at mach 5.

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