Re: Roswell/Trinity (Re: General thinking)

Message posted by gary on March 23, 2002 at 10:15:06 PST:

I was having an "Art Bell moment" last night and came to the same conclusion regarding the speed of light and the EMP. However, for the record, I left out two other EMP events between Roswell and Trinity, namely the real thing (Nagasaki on 8/9/1945 and Hiroshima on 8/6/1945).

Since we have ruled out ET (though technically space aliens already on Earth could have decided to tour Trinity ), the next event on the timeline would be the first Russian nuke test (8/29/1949), which was after the Roswell crash. It may be possible that the Russians were doing some recon over New Mexico as part of their nuclear weapons program and crashed. The US decided not to make this into an international issue so a cover story was created.

All that said, I'll retire the topic as well.

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