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Message posted by Richard on March 22, 2002 at 15:53:25 PST:

Ever wondered why the Aliens probably 'havent' visited? If they have monitored our nukes, they probably know that it is one of the most powerful weapons ever developed, even by their standards probably, and so they dont want to 'mess' with us humans just in case... well its an idea isnt it! food for thought!

As for EMP...
This will all depend on the yield of the device.
EMP, Shock, Blast and Thermo are all directly related to the Yield of the device.

A low yield device will not give out such a powerful EM pulse. However a 30MT device will give out an extremely powerful EM pulse which will spread out hundreds of times further.

The trouble is, although interesting, EMP is not on-topic, and we've already been told to stop the Nuke chat.
So i will leave my reply to that.


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