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I never thought of the connection between Roswell and Trinity. The Trinity test was 7/16/1945 near White Sands (Alomogordo NM). The Roswell crash was 7/8/1947. However, two more "fatman" a-bombs were exploded at the Bikinin Islands on 6/30/1946 and 7/24/1946, so I don't know the significance of the Trinity a-bomb and UFO crash timing, other than space aliens don't like tropic islands and/or don't have bodies worthy of bikinis. ;-) Another good question would be how far in space a nuclear blast could be detected. As you probably know, there is an electromagnetic pulse associated with a nuclear explosion. The energy will fall off at an inverse radius cubed rate and at some point will be masked by natural radio waves in space, i.e. it will be in the noise floor. So if the idea that a nuclear blast triggered a visit, someone with astrophysics and radio knowledge could figure out the maximum distance of detectability. It would be interesting to read old Las Vegas Review Journal clippings during above ground blast to see if TV interference was reported.

If memory serves me right, the memorial at the Trinity site can be found on the terraserver, but I don't have the link handy.

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