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Message posted by Richard on March 22, 2002 at 15:40:19 PST:


I honestly dont know much about Pine Gap, i have never looked into it, mainly because i have been put off with the stories about the place.

Next we will hear Sedan Crater is really where a large Alien space craft is hidden, afterall its not far from Papoose Lake, and it may have an underground tunnel.

Seriously though.
I wasnt having a go at anyone in particular, it may of seemed harsh but it wasnt, but i dont understand how some people can be so gullible, and believe in that stuff.

Mind you, working at Area 51, you never know what you might find, humans being 'hit' by so much radiation may of mutated into 'aliens', afterall, the fish near my local nuclear power station go fishing for humans, they have three heads and the body of a cow...

Going back on-topic, just curiosity, what direction does the wind blow in the vicinity of the NTS/Area 51 most days? I wonder how much 'old fall-out' is around the summit of Tikaboo Peak...perhaps someone can get hold of a geiger counter? But of course it depends on what direction the wind 'usually blows'.
Would be interesting to find out if the counter actually registers something from all these years!



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