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Message posted by Richard on March 22, 2002 at 14:40:38 PST:

There arnt too many NKC-135s left, not enough to fulfil the role of an ECM/ESM platform.
Like i mentioned in another post here, i havent heard of B-1Bs being 'earmarked' for modification to ECM standard, however i have seen official documents detailing B-52s being modified to EB-52s soon.

B-52s are fast enough to get the job done in the theatres of today at medium altitude, but they need an aircraft which can catch up with the likes of F-15Es and Tornado GR4s at very low level, ingressing to a very heavily target area, as seen in Iraq, 50ft at 650kts+ for runway cratering was suicidal but that was mainly from Flak.

The B-52s earmarked will have similar, if not the same Pods as the EA-6B, and again, they will have them on their wing pylons together with very extensive and powerful ECM gear inside the aircraft, as per the old EB-66's and Vietnam era aircraft.

Someone even mentioned a C-17 being packed with ECM gear and loitering just behind the FLOT, but too much of an easy slow target. The B-52s have more advantage being fast and longer ranged.

It will be interesting to see the specifications of the EB-52, it wont be long until we find out.

The EB-52 will probably be deployed with B-52 strike packages, having a few bombers with one ECM plane is ideal.
They are in effect, going back to the Vietnam days.

Magoo's suggestion of B-1Bs is a good idea, ideal for escorting fighter packages.


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