Re: Another B-2 article from AVP

Message posted by Richard on March 22, 2002 at 14:28:42 PST:

The B-1B information i gave out in the last post, about only Active wings being left, was from an official DoD document i had some months ago saying that every wing, apart from those active at Ellsworth and Dyess will disappear (30 aircraft) leaving 60 aircraft in a pool.

I am familiar with RIAT, i have been going for many years and i am within 'monitoring' range of Fairford (1hr30 mins drive away) from me.
It is the largest 'military' airshow in the world, and also has the longest 'military display' of 8hrs each day....sometimes spilling over 8hrs. Notice i said 'military'.... as there are other airshows in the world which are civil and military and slightly larger.
But, RIAT is not on topic, so lets leave it there if possible....and enjoy the show 'back' at Fairford this year if it doesnt get cancelled soon like Air Fete has at mildenhall...


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