Re: New Aircraft Design photographed at Helendale ?

Message posted by Silver Arrow on March 22, 2002 at 11:53:34 PST:

I took the photo,suggest you put the panoramic view with the buildings on the web site,it may be more useful for the forum.Im sorry about the quality,it was definitely an aircraft,about Mig 29 size,and I first thought it was a Mig,but through 10x50 binos I knew it was something new.It had twin vertical wedge fins,painted white ,and may be a full size pole test,or covered in some film for shipment.
Once more sorry for the quality I was using an old Canon with a wide angle for airshow static photos,I thought I would drive around Helendale en route to Edwards on 10/18/01,and saw the aircraft,so took a quick shot at midday,as it was parked near some buildings.I hope you interceptors can identify it!!
Silver Arrow
ps curator at Northrop museum told me in October 00 that some Northrop personnel had removed parts from their YF23 for another aircraft,more evidence of a SHARC?

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