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Message posted by Richard on March 22, 2002 at 5:43:21 PST:

I am also from the UK...
My opinion: and i will not be harsh....

I do not believe that there is alien technology in Area 51, or anywhere else.
I do not believe they are back engineering it anywhere else either.
I do not relate any alien technology with Area 51 whatsoever and i believe it is strictly an all force testing facility for future military programmes, airborne, ground , whatever. But NO aliens.

I have read all these stories over the years of what people (UFO Fanatics) i call them, talk about.
99% are laughable, very laughable, for example:

Dulce, NM. A high profile shoot out between aliens and MIB agents underground resulting in several aliens dead and several agents dead.

Rudloe Manor, UK. Aliens being in the underground facility.

Helendale RCS complex, CA. Another story made up of a huge underground complex 47 stories deep packed with aliens, together with a tunnel leading across the Mojave Desert to Edwards and as far as Area 51 so aliens can walk to each base.

Orbs floating around the countryside but only a few people out of thousands in the vicinity can see them.

Spaceships landing at Papoose Lake, and flying around Nevada.

Aliens in join command of the NORAD facility in Australia.

OK, i am fed up with listing already....
below are the details:

Area 51: - Military testing facility for future/current programmes
Dulce: - No bloody Aliens
Rudloe Manor: - British Military intelligence gathering complex and RAF establishment. (when i was going to join the RAF Police, they told me i would have to go to Rudloe Manor for further Police training)

Pine Gap: - NORAD/US Military monitoring station.

Helendale: - Lockheed Martin RCS testing facility with a small underground complex.

Now heres some other details:

Rudloe Manor. Yes it has underground bunkers and tunnels, i am not denying that because it is true, right... now go around the UK and find out how many other establishments there are with underground bunkers and tunnels...
I am not naming them all, bcause the're are too many.
The UK, in time of Armaggeddon (nukes not aliens) would be first on the list, it takes just 3 mins or so to hit the UK from Russia. MANY complexes were built underground to enable to withstand the overpressure of the nuclear detonation and EMP.
Manyh of these complexes are of WW2 era as well used as weapon factories during the war.
Many of the complexes are NOW used for weapons storage.
Take RAF Welford for example, Massive underground tunnels, and it used to be a WHOLE factory for making weapons. It is now used by the RAF but stores hundreds of USAF Bombs, including Nuclear weapons for use at nearby RAF Fairford.
There are several locations around the UK similar to this which have even larger tunnels, some so large you could fit literally hundreds of thousands of people in them.

No aliens and NO spaceships in sight.

The Police around Rudloe Manor are very touchy, mainly because there isnt much 'other' security there and it is of importance to national security, they dont 'need' people snooping around looking for bloody aliens when there isnt any in the first place.
Many of the tunnels are now closed, some are filled up but there are a few bunkers still active.

As for the Helendale story, who ever thought of, and who in their right mind would believe there is a 47 story complex housing alien beings with long tunnels to various bases throughout California and Nevada so they can have access when they want?
Come on people, i know some people are Gullible, but that over does it.

Same goes with Dulce underground complex. I dont know much about this facility, mainly because ive been put off by the stories that have come about but massive shoot outs involving aliens and agents? okay...

Yet we have people believe this, we have people believe we are involved in massive shoot outs in the middle of a complex with little 'greys' and phasers/lasers/M16s and Brownings...whatever.

Then we have them out in Nevada, standing alongside researchers who know a bit more that what goes on around that area is not aliens....

"Look, a UFO! Its a flying saucer, i bet that has just come out of Papoose lake!"
"Dont be daft, its an F-15E"

Then we have a completely different story:
Tankers going around highly populated areas of the USA spraying chemicals on unsuspecting civilians.
One story i once read from the Black Triangle group was that these chemicals turned some people into a 'buying frenzy' and they went out and bought a load of vehicles. Another said they were clearly seen spraying chemicals in vapour trails over cities.
Yes, they had vapour trails, but spraying chemicals over cities? turning people into buying vehicles which they cant afford?

Flame me as much as you want, but i think my opinion is shared by others, not particularly from this forum, but i know there is.

Also, i would like to stress that this post was in no means meant to 'lock' away the UFO peeps we have here, and the new arrivals, by all means keep posting, but expect 'other' views from other people that disagree.
I dont believe my post was that bad, as some people make out, i am just stressing my point of view...

Also, i DO believe there are other beings in the Universe, just not in our facilities as of yet...maybe in a good few years time!


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