Re: Another B-2 article from AVP

Message posted by Russ on March 22, 2002 at 5:13:48 PST:

I have a friend whos a B-1 pilot. The plan was to cut the B-1 fleet to 60 aircraft (From the current 90 odd). Despite 9/11 that is still the case. Not sure what squadrons will be going yet, looks like the ANG units will be the first for the chop.

As for the 30 odd airframes being retired, why not convert some of them to Electronic Warfare aircraft?

The USAF badly lacks a EW aircraft after the EF-111's
were retied and there isn't enough EA-6's to support two forces.

Gary, any idea where the B-1 in the photo was from?

Looks to me like it might be from the 34th BS at Mountain Home AFB (Can't be sure of that the pic is got but slightly blurry on the tail), which is the same squadron my friend is based at.

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