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Message posted by type_male on March 21, 2002 at 21:03:08 PST:

Hello All,

I have just joined the group, after reading lots of stories, and visiting lots of sites about the whole "conspiracy" and "Area 51" thing, and it must be said that this one seems the best.

I am from the UK where we have a site called Rudloe Manor which is site of great interest as it is very very hush hush. Now the reason we know this is SO secret is that there are NO signs no Warnings just cameras and if you get too close then you get a vist from the Police.

Now my point is this IF the US goverment has got "Alien" technology would they have it stored in a site that is WORLD FAMIOUS? Any Comments??

I would also like to know what the general feeling is on the Roswell thing..... What do people think really went down.

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