Re: Another B-2 article from AVP

Message posted by gary on March 21, 2002 at 12:57:14 PST:

One question that comes to mind is NDI (non-destructive inspection) of titanium. I'm not saying its a problem, but most NDI hardware was designed for Al and of course iron/steel for automotive purposes, so you wonder if the technology exists to inspect these cracks.

Regarding the B1, you may recall that prior to 9/11, Rumsfeld wanted to ground the fleet.

Now if the B2 is just so 80's, what is the f15? Classic Rock?

I was thinking about Magoo's post on the B1. When I was hanging out at the TTR and saw the B1 tests, it was my first visit there so I really hung out there, perhaps 5 hours on Brainwash. The B1 made several loops flying over the TTR, with about 45 minutes between sightings. It may be they were testing instrumentation over long distances. The plane looked pretty ordinary to me.

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