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Hey thanks for the post, I was waiting for this:

JFEX (formerly called MAFEX) but now t's called WSINT, and more specifically, the exercise is called COYOTE FREEDOM. I hope you can follow that! Anyway, WSINT 18B / Coyote Freedom's objectives are: Air Mobility Support/irregular warfare/special operations Seize key facilities in the joint operations area and set stage for decisive operations. It happens twice a year in June and December. I couldn't make it this year but have gone many times over the past ten years and WSINT is personally my favorite exercise. It takes place on the KENO Airstrip near NTTR's Cedar Gate.

In the past, the exercise lasted about 5 hours or so. First you hear aircraft way up there providing MiGCAP and reconnaissance. Then a few A-10s roll in and soften up the KENO Airstrip. Then come the Thugs! Over a dozen C-17s approach the airfield from the north and drop heavy cargo: Connex containers and HUMVEEs. Sometime they drop Airborne who "seize" KENO. A few of the C-17s actually land on the KENO airfield and kick up a tremendous amount of dust as KENO is a gravel airfield around 7,000 feet / 2,200 meters long. After the Thugs, a large flight of C-130 Hercules do a fly over just like the Thugs. The callsign for the Hercules is "Outlaw" and "Felon." At the end of the exercise the C-17s that landed, depart KENO back to the north. As they depart, they pop all their flares at once making the iconic angel flare.

Hopefully, Joerg can add some to this as I asked him yesterday if he went out to Cedar Gate...

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