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Message posted by Gregos on December 07, 2018 at 5:49:06 PST:

Thanks. As usual, the news did a poor job covering it. It's not like it was a surprise or anything! They missed the first solo pilot and stopped after 16 planes (four flights of four). I was under the impression it was going to be all 21 F/A-18s flying over in formation at once. But it makes sense doing the "Missing Man" formation. Which the news channel I was watching also didn't show. Unbelievable!

I used to always watch the Space Shuttle launch and landings. Before the internet came to age, the news would show all of about 2 seconds, then return to normal programming. Now I watch live streams. I'd like to see more coverage by SpaceX before and after the launch.

Speaking of launches there is a Delta IV Heavy with the NROL-71 classified satellite out of Vandenberg AFB tonight at 8:19 p.m. PST (local time). always posts a link to live coverage...

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