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Message posted by Spongthrush on November 03, 2018 at 13:22:48 PST:

Canít be at all sure what we were looking at, but it appeared to be happening over the salt lake (north) end of the base.

Have not had a chance to look ar photos properly, Iím saying Ďmissilesí as after launch (several at once) they did a little Ďtwizzleí like I have seen for e.g. cruise missile launches before going off on course, laterally, with a fair amount of white smoke behind, then abruptly going vertically down.

Will report back when photos have been looked at and Iíve learnt more about missiles. Definitely more like rockets than flares.

As is always the way, we were so mesmerised by what was going on that we didnít get any video and the next day they didnít repeat what we saw.

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