Re: UFO Seekers visit at Area 51

Message posted by Gregos on November 02, 2018 at 8:23:17 PST:

A few weird things but nothing I couldn't figure out. For example once I was driving home from Rachel to Las Vegas around midnight. Driving south on HWY 93 somewhere south of the Pahranagat Lakes, I saw four red lights on the distant horizon. Looked a lot like a large radio antenna laying on it side horizontal to the earth. Lights were blinking slowly. Then four more appeared below and behind them (farther away). Now it's hard to judge distance at night in the desert. It could have been 10 miles away or 50 miles. The first four lights then formed a V shape to the horizon while the back four went into a straight line behind the V. It was now an arrow coming at me like this if I were the "x"

x <---

I pulled over and loaded my gun! Then as it got closer I realized it was just a flight of 8 flying up the Sally Corridor to "bomb" the ranges. What a jyp, I was looking forward to getting probed -SAYS NO ONE EVER!!!

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