HWY 93 on Ramp Road Closure

Message posted by The Bothan Spy on October 27, 2018 at 0:03:59 PST:

Anyone traveling into the Rachel area this weekend on the 15 north via Vegas, should be advised that the 93 north on-ramp is undergoing road work. It was closed yesterday morning, in the early morning hours. I'm not sure if they re-open it during the day. I just checked Nevada Department of Transportation website. It says it will still be under repair until at least Tuesday. I thought I saw a detour to get on the 93 in Vegas, but was kind of tired and bypassed it. Had to take HWY 168 near Glendale west to the 93. It ended up being a pleasant scenic route though. I had never gone that way before.

The Bothan Spy


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