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Message posted by Tom on October 22, 2018 at 19:46:46 PST:

News reports said that some F22s also went to Alliance airport in Ft Worth. Iíve started hearing that Ross Perot Jr (the developer of Alliance) is working hard to build up military use of the the point of pledging some tremendous amount of money to host supplemental Air Force flight training there. He obviously has some inside pull to get F22 to deploy there!

I had heard 12 or more F22s were left behind at Tyndall...which is not inconsistent with your figure of 20. Either number is far too many to be grounded for any reason.

NOAA has post-storm images showing the devastation:

Tyndall came apart like it was built by the lowest bidder...someone explained that most of the buildings were pretty old and not built to current standards. That makes sense.

If you look around the base in the storm images you will also see a couple of QF16s parked near the east-most runway. Michael came on fast. Went from a predicted landfall as a category 1 to actual landfall 3 days later as a solid 4. Definitely a learning experience, I hope!

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