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Message posted by Robert on October 22, 2018 at 14:55:24 PST:

I live near the outskirts of Mercury and drive by it often. I always wondered if I turned off the freeway and headed down the road toward Mercury (saying I was looking for gas or a bathroom) what would happen. The security always seems very relaxed there unless there is a planned protest. On a very normal boring Sunday afternoon I decided to pack up the kiddos and wife and head down that road to the the main gate at Mercury. Just as I suspected it was very relaxed. I got all the way to the gate and a pickup finally arrived. The main gate was not being manned. Out of the truck a security guard with a rifle came over and asked if I could turn around and go back to the freeway. I asked if there was any place to get gas nearby and he told me to head into Indian Springs. He was very nice and friendly. Not threatening or questioning in any way. I included the pictures that I took and sent them here for a Trip Report. It is in 2007. It was really interesting to me, but not real exciting for the wife and kiddos. I guess overall, I was sort of surprised that I could drive all the way to the main gate before being stopped.

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