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Message posted by Scott Cook on October 22, 2018 at 8:06:42 PST:

I think one of the funniest thing on the tour was when we were at lunch there was a bunch of other workers there, including members of the fire department, being a member of a department and wearing my department shirt, one of the firefighters asked me about my department. So I started to talk to him, normal everyday conversation I would have with any member of any other fire department, Trucks they used what kind of fire do they have out there that kind of stuff. I was quickly cut off by our tour guide that I wasnt to be talking to them, in fact he had pulled me off to the side outside and made references that I could be removed from the tour. I was then questioned by a security member as to the topic of the conversation. Once they realized that it was just normal conversation they left me be. But I was to wait in the other room till the bus was about it leave. Which was fine it was like 114 degrees outside. I think they take things way to serious out there. I get it that they have secrets to keep out there. It wasn't like I was asking about locations of the nukes...after all our tour guide already pointed out the building where they were at. But he wasn't suppose to mention that. I heard we cant talk about that and I wasnt suppose to say that a lot from them.

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