Something of maybe intrest

Message posted by Scott Cook on October 21, 2018 at 13:54:04 PST:

Took a tour about out at NNSS 2 years ago in Aug. While looking at photos of Gate 700. While we were out at Sudan Crater I ask our tour guide what those building were and he had stated that those were internal guard stations for different contractors, he also said that they are not allowed to talk about what is in that direction. But also while on the tour someone asked how many UN-exploded nukes have there been, and he indicated that if you see big heavy wires coming out of the ground, that was a good indication of a location of a dud. Here are some coordinates of a possible location 37.145036, -116.034178 it was a very interesting tour. The engineer tour guide with us has also stated that there were many tunnels dug into the mountain side that were not used for tests, but they cant talk about those...for a lot of things they couldn't talk about they seemed to bring it up often. Also on the tour our tour bus was followed by Camo Dudes while we were out in the area of the Sudan Crater. We even had to by-pass the Apple house because of some activities they were performing in the area.

Just thought I would share those coordinates.


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