Re: Busy Saturday for 737 Janets

Message posted by Watcher on September 09, 2018 at 16:12:32 PST:

If I could place a guess. I would think that perhaps the F-117's could be brought out of mothball and are undergoing a modification. There has been photos of a weapons pod that would be attached to the belly of the super hornet for a while now. It is possible in my eyes, that they are removing the bomb bay doors, putting in a conformal pod of some sorts that include a small fuel tank and a rotating drum for extended weapons storage. That might not be the case, but I think it could be a possibility, since the F-117 is still quite stealthy. And there also was an image of one (F-117) painted grey, they could have also upgraded the stealth coating to reduce weight and improve radar absorption and dissipation.

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