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Message posted by Richard on March 20, 2002 at 2:02:47 PST:

Hi Gary,

The same rules apply over here in the UK with the CAA.
We also have strict rules for our vehicle registrations aswell, also along the lines of this rule, for example, in the Vehicle reg, its not just I and O...

The Vehicle regs go from A-Z, then start over again.
However, we dont have S-reg, because of confusion with the number 5
We dont have O-reg, because of Zero
We dont have I-reg, because of One
We dont have Z-reg, because of Two
We dont have U-reg, because of Vee
etc etc
Works the same way in the Civil Aviation Authority however i believe they are more 'forgiving' in the way of not so many phonetics being left out.

N403VIP seems quite a long reg-number, and so the letter 'I' is left out because of the mix-up associated with the confusion of numbers.
Of course this wouldnt matter if the pilot was spelling the callsign in Phonetics, like the crew have to anyway. But seeing as it is stencilled on the aircraft, they would leave the 'I' out for 'viewing' purposes.


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