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Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on August 03, 2018 at 12:19:52 PST:

I fly a Phantom 4 Pro with an Nvidia Shield K1 tablet running the Litchi app. I sometimes use the native DJI app, but what I like about Litchi is that it allows creating missions on the computer and then flying them mostly automated in the field. The app has a few quirks, but after a while you learn to work around them.
The Phantom 4 Pro+ is identical, but the tablet is built into the controller. It will not allow using any other than the DJI app.

A few months ago I crashed the first drone due to a rare drone malfunction. It was a VERY fatal crash. I learned two things from that:

#1: After sending in the pieces for evaluation, some arguing and presenting my case on their discussion board I got a new drone. But even if I had them repair it, it would have been cheaper than some people offering repairs on Ebay.

#2: The first drone, which I bought used (but still under warranty) on Ebay had minor issues from the beginning. Those issues got worse over time and eventually caused the crash. I should have sent it back and asked for my money back.

For the video editing I use VideoPad Video Editor. The personal license provides more features than I will ever know how to use...

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