Re: Radio Scanners in 2018

Message posted by Roger M. on August 02, 2018 at 11:06:16 PST:

Thanks for that advice Joerg!

I grabbed one of these units ... Uniden BC125AT:

I decided to pass on the trunking, as my primary purpose is to listen to aircraft flying in my immediate vicinity, ones that I stand a chance of seeing, and photographing.

I found some 3rd party software for this Uniden that offers advanced programming, monitoring, and (especially) audio recording features ... with a single USB cable:
I'll run this programming/recording software on a Microsoft Surface ... so a pretty compact package overall.

I'll test this rig out here at home for a couple of months before heading down to Las Vegas (and Powerlines Overlook) at the beginning of October.

When I was on Coyote Summit a couple of years ago with my daughter, and had multiple flights of F-15's flying about 100' over my truck, the one thing I regretted not having with me was a scanner ... I'll be prepared this time :)

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