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Message posted by Gregos on July 31, 2018 at 6:25:18 PST:

Yeah, lazy SOBs leave crap everywhere! My first trip up I bought down a full kitchen bag of trash, mainly bottles, etc. There was a broken telescope at the top, and a tripod that still may have been useful. I left that but it was gone on my next trip along with the camera tripod and some water I buried under some rocks right near the cliff's edge. Don't know how they found it?

My first trip was only going to be a quick recon up to the false summit. I remember climbing all the way to the peak AND very unprepared. Around the rocky outcrop the hair on my neck stood up with the feeling of I'm on a mountain, that's where mountain lions live (and I've seen them in that area before)! Crap I don't have my Sig 228 on me! What am I going to do if I have a run in? Throw a rock? Yeah, that will piss it right off -great idea! Now, I'm an animal lover and I doubt I could pull the trigger on such a magnificent creature. Remember I'm in his home and part of the food chain. But I pray I'll never have to find out! I'd actually fear a run in with someone who wants all my kit more than the critters. Camera, Spotting scope, scanners, etc. Thats a pretty nice chuck of change right there.

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