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Message posted by Tom on July 30, 2018 at 19:10:19 PST:

Chris, really like your trip report.

You mention needing a serious 4x4. Is this a rented Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 or a jacked up Jeep/truck 4x4? Also, Iím guessing youíre in pretty good shape considering you described the hike as fairly easy (I think thatís what you said?). Iím in decent shape but pushing easy is a relative term!

Iíve read the trip reports that talk about hiking up and spending the night to get clear photos before the heat waves begin. Your report shows that a day trip is a worthwhile experience. I just want to lay eyes on the base to say iíve seen it...especially before any land grab prevents that. Your trip report is the first I remember that shows this is practical.

FWIW, Google Earth shows a ďBadger Valley RoadĒ...Iíll do lots more homework before trying this trip.

So, can a vehicle be rented in Vegas to make the journey, and can an old guy make it?

Thanks for your report and advice!


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