Tikaboo Peak

Message posted by Chris on July 28, 2018 at 19:34:28 PST:

Sorry if this has already been posted but I just hiked the peak and found an easier way to get to the trailhead. Just after mile marker 32 on highway 375 is where Badger Road starts. We followed it for a few miles and came to a fork in the road. To the right is Badger and to the left is Old Corn Road. We took Badger since thatís what I had been told. After a few miles we came to a section that was definitely a 4x4 road. At the end was a T in the road, we went right and continued on Badger all the way to the trailhead. On the way back instead of turning at the T and going back over the 4x4 section we continued straight. The road was not marked on my GPS for a couple of miles until we came to another fork when it came up Old Corn Road. We went left and had a smooth road a the way back to where it met Badger. We had to go through one gate which was opened. Also,, they must have had a lot of rain as the road and trail was washed out in many places so be prepared. Thanks fellas


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