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Message posted by Roger Morris on July 11, 2018 at 7:32:54 PST:

Glenn is a HUGE influence on my interest in Area 51, which begat my interest in military aviation in general ... which remains a major area of interest for me in 2018.
One of the most prized books in my library is Glenn's Area 51 Guide, signed by Glenn with a few of his hand written warnings about changes to White Sides and Freedom Ridge, and the lack of a gas station in Rachel.
After years of reading up on Area 51, reading Dreamland Resort, and reading Glenn's book ... I took my daughter on a road trip a few years ago that included lunch at the Inn, and a trip up Groom Lake Road.
It is an indelible memory for us both, one that will never leave us.

I began my journey of interest in Area 51 with a Popular Mechanics (or was it Popular Science?) issue that my Dad brought home, with an article on Freedom Ridge ... back when the general public didn't really know anything about Area 51 or what went on there.
My Area 51 journey came to an apex a few years ago with a copy of Glenn's book in my hand, using it to make sure I stayed well clear of the border while my daughter and I watched F-15's fly 100' over our heads in two groups of four ... to call it a fantastic aviation journey would be an understatement.

I admire Glenn's irreverence, and appreciate his work on Area 51 ... it was work that ultimately took my daughter and I to Rachel and the Area 51 border, but more importantly, gave my daughter and I fantastic road-trip memories that will last a life time.

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