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Yes, If WSINT follows JFEX I'm betting the exercise will be on Saturday June 9th around 10am at the KENO airstrip: 3746'43.34"N, 11615'5.18"W

If you park about 100 yards before Cedar Gate you can see KENO at your 2 o'clock in the distance. You'll hear the "zoomies" first flying CAP. Then A-10s roll in and "pound" the enemy airfield. They pop flares and the bad guys shoot up smokey SAMs. After awhile the C-17s come in and drop some heavy cargo (like sea containers, etc.) If you're lucky they'll drop airborne onto the airstrip. C-130s do a fly over and then a few C-17s will actually land on the gravel airfield! I think it's an awesome exercise. I have last years exercise in the Trip Report Section.

Some past frequencies:
289.650 Primary
310.250 Secondary

335.875 Primary
142.700 Secondary

292.050 Primary
138.500 Secondary

Forward Air Controller (FAC) Kingfisher (something something)
Thug = C-17s
Outlaw and Felons = C-130s

Hope this helps!

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