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There a number of contractors that did "black-aircraft"
program work, but all of it was done at Groom. Groom
has almost always been the Skunk Works' playground, so to speak.

For eaxample, Senior Citizen (a Northrop product), flown at Groom, but moved to other locations; McDonnell Douglas/USN Quiet-Attack prototype, which flew at China Lake; and Teledyne Ryan, White Sands/Holloman AFB.

And Aeroenvironment was under sub-contract to the Skunk Works which had a DARPA contract for a solar-
powered recce (unmanned) aircraft - code name Teal
Cameo. This was the so-called HASOL type. What's is
really ironic is that Lockheed (Skunk Works) built and
flew a 1/3-scale version of HASOL as long ago as 1976.
Then not classified Top Secret, and was reported in a
1976 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology. The
sub-contractor to the Skunk Works to build the 1/3 scale solor-powered model was Astro....something. I can look up the exact article and post it here, if you


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