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Message posted by Hal on March 18, 2002 at 10:00:36 PST:

You are correct in that it seems that when one witnesses something interesting he wants to see it better first, the second or third thought is to photograph it. I too--held an official Navy Photographer's classification as a civilian--have reached for the binocs first and then the camera. I guess I'll have to spring for one of theose binocs with the camera inside.

Having that photographer's classification meant that I could carry a camera onto many secret test areas to document tests, which I did. But my film/video was (almost) always confiscated and processed at government facilities before even I was able to view it. I have a memory of what I saw, but little else of a concrete nature.

I did recently run across a video I made at a China Lake test site--part of the test was the camera, to see if it could stand up to the rigorous conditions in the desert--a big RCA over-the shoulder beast (it failed). The most exciting thing shown on this video is an F7 and FA-18 flying over my position at 50 feet, although one shot shows a distant view of the outdoor RCS range. It's unclear to me how to post something like video. And if I did, I would probably be identified and someone would knock on my door.

The one time that the film wasn't government processed was at White Sands. I wanted some scenic shots--a 360--of the test area and needed a wide angle lens. The government camera had a zoom telephoto lens. I carried my own 35mm, a Nikonos with a 28 mm lens in and took the shots, processed them and printed them and hung them in my office. Actually, on the first attempt, the gate guard took my camera away and gave it back when I exited. On the second attempt, I placed the camera in the soft-drinks cooler, under the ice!!

Years later someone visiting my office saw the photos and I got into some trouble over the incident.

Getting concrete info on the goings on at Groom is going to take some diligent folks--which there are a quite a few of--AND some rather expensive photo, video, and IR equipment.

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