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Message posted by Griffon_314 on March 14, 2018 at 6:33:11 PST:

I'm afraid this is not consistent objects in orbit.

The velocity vector of anything in orbit is overwhelmingly along it's orbital plane. Yes, the US and Russia do experiment with "high delta-v" spacecraft, but even then "high" is a relative term. Anything in orbit is going at least 10km/s along it's orbital plane...any maneuvering is on the order of meters or tens of meters per second. In other words, from the ground, a spacecraft you see in orbit while it is maneuvering, would look like it is travelling in a straight line, at consistent speed, across the sky.

It is common for spacecraft observed from the ground to appear to suddenly appear or disappear, as they leave/enter the earth's shadow.

Many objects in space also spin, which can create regular flashes as they cross the sky. Some tumble out of control, causing them to appear to flash irregularly as various reflective parts of the object reflect the sun's light towards you.

But anything you observe - naked eye, for 15 minutes in the sky, moving about - is not in space.

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