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Message posted by Hank on March 17, 2002 at 18:08:29 PST:

Good evening,
this is not a reply to Richard.I just used his post to link on. Its just my own personal thoughts on the subject. My interest in the area goes back to the Glen Campbell days, and Norio taking film crews to Whitesides and Freedom Ridge. As I live in Phoenix and travel to Las Vegas on business monthly I have easy access to Rachael and the surrounding areas. In all the times I have made the trip I have never seen anything that was worthy of pointing my camera at the sky. I have been there both day and night. I have spent numerous nights at the black (now white) mailbox and have seen nothing that cannot be explained. Blackhawks with lights on, flares, etc. Never anything I would consider a black project.My point is that because I havent seen anything in more than 40 trips to the area doesnt mean that their isnt anything to see.I believe that Groom is alive and well and tests sophisticated aircraft on a regular basis, except when I am there.I have not been to the top of Tikaboo but I saw the same sight from Freedom Ridge that everyone sees from Tikaboo. Many buildings and nothing else. I just had a closer view. I appreciate that all the posters take their time to post what they have seen or heard,even though it may not be something that they have seen with their own eyes, and may be third hand rumor. Most info on secret projects is at best suspect but it is information. As we know their is supposed to be video of the Aurora that the owner has chosen to keep locked away for whatever reason. Their may be other photos taken by other people that are not available for their own reasons.All you guys just keep posting and the people that frequent this board will take away what ever they deem relevant to satisfy their own curiosities.

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