OT Falcon Heavy Demo Flight

Message posted by Gregos on February 06, 2018 at 6:48:56 PST:

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy is set for launch today between 1:30-4:30pm EST.

It's the first flight for Falcon Heavy. It will be the most powerful rocket currently launched by a factor of two. SpaceX says they'll be happy if it just clears the tower. The payload FH will carry is Elon Musk's midnight cherry red Tesla Roadster towards Mars and into a heliocentric orbit. The Roadster is just a mass simulator (ballast) with an astronaut figure in the driver's seat (Major Tom). It's his money, he can launch anything he wants! It's going to be very exciting either way.

I'm sure the news won't cover it, so I watch launches live on YouTube or the SpaceX website. Spaceflightnow.com is a great site for launch info and to connect to live feeds.

Attached link: The mission in a nutshell (SpaceX animation)


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