Bob Lazar Evidence!!!

Message posted by Thilak on February 06, 2018 at 2:44:42 PST:

Bob Lazar worked between December 1988 and April 1989 in at the zone S-4. During this period, he would have had admission to very private information. He had seen documents and autopsy of aliens corpses. The main purpose of his work was to "reverse engineering" alien flying saucers. Lazar observed nine different kinds of saucers parked in the hanger.
Bob Lazar would have worked on a flying saucer with a diameter of 9-12 m. It had a console and the seats were small, almost made as for children. He was told that the aliens came from from the fourth planet of the binary stellar system Zeta Reticuli 2.
Its true or fake
US military and Government are hiding some secert stuff from world but dealing with the Alien corpses cant believe that.... its true or fake news ????


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