Re: Alamo Road and NTTR Boundary

Message posted by Gregos on February 05, 2018 at 12:38:51 PST:

I've been up that road a few times and never even seen a Cammo Dude on it. One of my first trips up was with neonsky to have a look at the Urban Operations Center thru good optics. At that point we were technically inside the border and we stayed there for a few hours. We even did some target practice while we were there. No Cammo Dudes but we did hear a propeller engined aircraft for an unusually long time but never saw it. As we were leaving, we passed a 2WD car coming down the road. There were three young guys in it. They stopped and asked some questions about the Hidden Forest, etc. After they left, neonsky was convinced they were security. Personally, they didn't look squared away to me, I think they were tourists -but who can say? Sometime later, I was at the Nellis Airshow and they had a MQ-1 Predator / MQ-9 Reaper pavilion there. There was a realtime feed from the UAV shown on some flat screens as it circled the pavilion at 20,000 ft. I know it was realtime as I went outside the tent and played airplane. I went back in and asked my wife what did I do. She said you were playing airplane like an idiot! Then I wondered if that plane we heard on Alamo Rd was a Predator watching us? It could have easily left the Aerial Operations Facility at Yucca Lake and been over us in minutes. Once again, who can say?

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