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Message posted by Andreas Parsch on March 17, 2002 at 8:19:14 PST:

thanks, Joerg, for hosting my article. And now some comments toward the critics ;-) ...

It can't be emphasized enough that essentially all the information is from sources who _claim_ to know something. These claims have (not surprisingly, of course) so far not been proven beyond doubt. Said sources probably can't be blamed for that - nobody wants to draw the "Go to Jail"-card by himself. Anyway, I just summarized all the information given by said sources (so don't shoot the messenger ;-)!) in one document, without prefixing any statement by "possibly", "maybe", etc.. I didn't want to group the information into "probable" and "rumoured", because I don't feel fit to do so.

Of course, there _are_ several things which don't seem 100% "right" to me:

As others have correctly pointed out, the project list is way too "skunky". Also, the time frames involved are slightly odd, IMHO. Some aircraft ("F-121", probably "A-11", and possibly "Bright Star") are flying since the late 80s. This is a _lomg_ time to keep _all_ evidence inside!

As for the lack of any hard evidence (data, photos, etc.): well, these projects are supposed to be secret, so I wouldn't see this as a strong argument against. And even as an "insider" you are certainly not allowed to walk around Groom Lake with your Kodak ;-), so I'm not too surprised if no photos are forthcoming.

That's it for now. Of course, I will update the article when new information gets available (or when some info is shown to be false).

Best wishes

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