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Message posted by Paul Reinman on March 17, 2002 at 7:20:46 PST:


Count me in too. It seems like a single source of information would have to be considered with a grain of salt. People sometimes try to blow smoke up your skirt.

What is Wolfbane's input on the YF-113G?

Let me quote two of my past posts.....

The first one deals with the super-sized F-117 and dates to last summer....

The second deals with ANYBODY actually DOCUMENTING secret aircraft before they're "unveiled."

I have heard lots of claims, but have seen very little meat. I have had only two experiences with references to aircraft before they were made public. The wife of a general once referred the the B-2 "flying wing" to me before the configuration or the designation was public. It was known as the ATB at the time. Another time at Nellis my host suggested that no mention be made of the rumored stealth aircraft, and that it was in poor taste to bring up the subject. That, for me, confirmed the existence of the aircraft considering the person it came from.


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