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Message posted by Richard on March 17, 2002 at 6:14:58 PST:

I know the predator is a bit too large to recover or be launched this way, but back in the Gulf War, the US Battleships launched UAV's successfully for recce and to use them as 'fall-of-shot' eyes, they recovered them by flying them into a very large 'net' which caught the UAV without harming it.

Predator being much larger of course probably wouldnt work this way, so they could be launched off Wasp or Tarawa class LPD/LPH ships.
I doubt they would be found on board a CVN or CV, its too busy for this operation, and too little space.
The ideal platforms would be the above mentioned Assault ships if launched for seaborne operations.

By the way, there was a story back in 1991 that a load of Iraqi troops surrendered to one of those UAV's because they didnt know what it was, they had never seen or heard of a UAV before and were said to of thought that the UAV was some kind of advanced aircraft able to 'hit' them hard as it was circling for a long time above them. All this was caught on the video cameras, of Iraqis waving white flags at the UAV which eventually came in much lower to take a peep, low level. A few days after, and a whole company of troops surrendered a few Apaches...something the crews didnt know what to do about, all caught on camera again!


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