Re: New page with current Black Projects at Groom

Message posted by Ander' M. Dall'au on March 17, 2002 at 3:49:14 PST:

I agree with my friend Joerg, Andreas did an excellent job coallating and presenting what we "know" about the projects that have come up on the discussion board. True, there is little hard fact, but with each additional nugget if info, we can paint a more specific picture. If more people contribute pieces in areas they know about or worked on, then the accuracy with get better and better. Every little piece counts. Since we are analysts and data gatherers, we really ought to use the same rules that major corporations and think tanks do. That is to bubble up as much information as you can, don't negate input from others (it just shuts down communication), and don't defend your position just because it's yours. From some of this data is evidence that aircraft exist outside the realm of what is known so we've probably made the first significant addition to the body of knowlege about black aircraft projects for years. Lets keep going forward, and please refrain from anything that sounds like ingratitude or sniping. Good job all.

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