Re: Is this Groom Lake?

Message posted by Gregos on December 15, 2017 at 3:54:55 PST:

Flightaware shows the route from KSNA (my old airport and best in the world) to KSLC takes you to the east of the NTTR and "The Box." If this was taken from a seat on the port side it would be facing in the right direction.

The Dry Lake in the center of the photo looks like Delamar Dry Lake (aka Texas Lake) to me. Groom Lake is about 50 miles east of Delamar Dry Lake. So if it is Delamar centered than the Dry Lake near the horizon and to the left would be Groom.

What do you think Joerg? You're good at spotting Earth features, etc. Look at the shape of the lake centered and the "wash" to the right. Matches Delamar in my book. The wash would be in the right position for a flight to the north...

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