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Something I noticed....
Every single project was a Skunk Works project. That just doesn't make sense. Period. We all heard the rumors of Skunk Works loosing some classified programs in the mid 90s.

Look at the 80's at Groom, you had Skunk Works, Northrop, Aeroenvironment, and other companies working out there on programs. I haven't seen too much mention of Boeing, but we all know that UAVs is a new bread of vehicles. Skunkworks (Dark Star), Boeing (X-45), and Northrop (X-47, Global Hawk) have all attempted or are atempting to field large scale UAVs in the White or Grey world.
Why wouldn't they in the black?

The fact that the sources claim that only Skunk Works is out there smells a little "skunky" to me.
The puzzle pieces don't seem to fit together riight that way.
Just random speculation.

F-117A Webmaster

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