Have Blue/Tacit Blue Test Pilot Presentation

Message posted by greatguess on November 26, 2017 at 15:40:18 PST:

This is a link to a very interesting audio presentation by Ken Dyson who was one of only two pilots that few Have Blue at Dreamland. This presentation was part of an Air Force Museum lecture series done in 2007. i was fortunate enough to have worked with Ken before he "disappeared" from the Cat 2 F15 test team at Edwards in 1976. Anyone associated with the Air force flight test center over the past 30 years will recognize MANY of the names of people and events from that era. This presentation is really worth the time to listen to it... The Have Blue aircraft was tested at Dreamland - at the end of the presentation he talks for 15 minutes or so about Tacit Blue which he also flew as a test pilot.



Attached link: Have Blue and Tacit Blue Pilot speaks


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