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As any observant person will know, there is never one kind of anything! The top right "USAF License Plate" has also been seen in US GOV style "AF" license plates. But to keep it simple, let's just focus on these four! The US Government license plates that used to be in service out at Area 51, would have appeared like the bottom photos. US Government License plates, with a non-identifying sequences. When I say "non-identifying," I mean you'll never see a US Government License plate outside of Area 51 that starts with a number. You may see a US Government License plate that says US GOVT, and starts with an "A" for agriculture, "D" for DoD, "W" for Army, etc. If it is in any sort of GSA format, the possibility of that being an exclusive Area 51 license plate, is eliminated. That doesn't mean GSA License plates have never been on vehicles inside Area 51. You might witness a US Government License plate that starts with a number, but it will only be with "US AIR FORCE" or "US ARMY" as the title. You will NEVER see a US Government License plate that has the title "US Government," and start with a number! Unless it is directly affiliated with Area 51! I'll bet you $500 nobody can prove me otherwise! So that's why I said it's more difficult now to spot vehicles from Area 51, than ever! I hope this helps!


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